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Ralph Charles Chapa Discusses How a Personal Injury Claim Works

Personal Injury Claims Involve Various Steps, Explains Attorney Ralph Charles Chapa

Personal injury claims happen every day. Someone gets hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence. Rather than dealing solely with an insurance company, many people choose to hire a personal injury lawyer. Ralph C. Chapa, a lawyer who has been practicing for over 30 years, explains that hiring a lawyer can ensure that one’s case is being dealt with fairly.

Ralph Charles Chapa identifies that one of the top questions he is asked by potential clients is how a personal injury claim works. While he is the first to say that every case is different, there are a few stages that work the same. What varies is how long each stage will last.

Ralph C. Chapa says that the first stage is to identify that there was an injury. This will, typically, involve filing a report with the police if it was a car crash. If it was a workplace incident, the accident needs to be reported. Regardless of how the injury came about, it needs to be reported in order to generate documentation.

The next stage, explains Ralph Charles Chapa, is that the injured party needs to go to a healthcare professional. They need to receive a full work-up in order to learn the full extent of injuries that are associated with the accident. Such injuries can be anything from whiplash to traumatic brain injury. Ralph Chapa also says that this is the stage that can last the longest. A personal injury claim cannot be closed until a medical professional releases the injured party.

Once the medical aspect has been taken care of, it is easier to establish a request for financial compensation. This is where the personal injury lawyer will draft up a request to the insurance company. Various components go into the request for compensation, including the total cost of medical bills, time lost from work, pain, and suffering, and future earning issues. Ralph Charles Chapa says that the request is sent over to the insurance company for them to pay.

After a request is made, it is often a “back and forth” as Ralph Charles Chapa explains, where the insurance company and the lawyer negotiate a fair rate. When a settlement is negotiated, the case is closed. When a negotiation cannot be established, such as when an insurance company either doesn’t want to accept responsibility or when they believe a case is worth much less, the lawyer can bring the case into litigation.

Ralph C. Chapa, who has been representing cases in Florida and Michigan for over 30 years, recommends anyone who has hurt themselves find a lawyer to represent them to ensure that they receive adequate financial compensation, even if it means moving from a simple settlement to full litigation.


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